Came across this house while out on an assignment. The peeling paint, a bright sunny day and the total textural appearance lent towards an interesting black and white treatment.

By chance, this house caught my eye with so much texture from the white peeling paint and the entire scheme of the exterior siding. I thought to myself that this situation was suitable for a process known as HDR or high definition range photography. HDR has been around for several years. The process allows for gathering an over the top level of high detail in creating a photograph. Sometimes, the end result can appear as carnival like overly bright colors with halos and too much contrast. I saw where the HDR process would lend towards a compelling black and white image if carefully applied. The goal was to hold an extra amount of detail while capturing all the subtle gray tone values and the whitest whites with the blackest blacks. Nine separate exposures were made at nine separate densities. Part of the skill, is keeping all the exposures in the correct registration during the initial exposing stage, since an additional part of this process, requires sandwiching all nine exposures together from the brightest to the darkest, at a later time. During one phase, the color images were converted to black and white images as well. So there it is, hope some find this image an interesting study of tonality, contrast and high detail.